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© Hannah Williams
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The Journey ...

Hannah Williams is a multimedia artist who got her first introduction to performing when she attended a bootcamp in NYC called Camp Broadway at the age of 10. Accompanied by dance, voice and piano lessons Hannah became intrigued with understanding the mechanics of her voice and the music industry. Growing up in a colorful Christian non-denominational church, Hannah also became intrigued with her artistic gifts in conjunction with her faith in Christ. 


With a growing desire to stretch the boundaries of what art could be around her, Hannah attended The Academy for Performing Arts, a magnet school in Scotch Plains, NJ majoring in Theatre. Whilst there, Hannah endured severe medical trials that would completely alter the course of her artistic vision and perspective. Determined to succeed, Hannah would attend Girls Who Code(2019) an immersive summer coding program after a grueling battle with undiagnosed ailments. She graduated from the program and headed straight into having a major spinal cord surgery days after. But soon, Hannah, strengthened by Christ, went on to attend NYU Tisch's Special Program: Future Music Moguls (2020) hosted at the CDI. This would be the catalyst for her desire to attend the Clive Davis Institute. 


Thus, her once dormant love for visual art came alive again as she worked to find her voice spiritually, physically and visually amidst adjusting to life post surgery and school in a pandemic. 

After completing a year at Kean University as part of a joint program for her senior year, Hannah Graduated in 2021 with 32 college credits and would set off for New York University in August.

Hannah is now in her third year at the Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music working towards business endeavors in art, live performance and anything related to music curation. During her time at NYU she has continued to grow her faith through her relation to the arts.

Currently Hannah serves as the President and graphic design head for two organizations:

Clive-Live (an in house concert series at CDI dedicated to showcasing the work of her peers)

Clive Live Shows(a student run platform she launched out of Clive Live to support local student concerts.)

and She Is The Music (a non profit dedicated to female equity in the industry and opportunity for women at NYU and across the city) where Hannah also serves as NYC ambassador and NYU chapter Co-President.

While she enjoys her service to others Hannah is currently developing her own artist project that she plans to release in the coming year. She attributes all success and the very breath in her lungs as a gift from God so she can continue to spread the good news through her work in different industries.

behind the scenes of Clive Live
in the studio
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